Very often the passenger lift in a building is required to combine its vertical transport role with that of being a feature of the building.

In this case the design of the building requires that the passenger lift be seen. Combined with this it is usually a feature that users of the passenger lift can also see out into the building or its surrounds. The result is the Scenic Passenger Lift.

Morris Vermaport Ltd can offer you a complete range of Scenic Passenger Lifts with the following benefits to our customers:

  • Excellent range of scenic and semi-scenic passenger lifts fully compliant with EN81
  • The highest standards of safety for both the product and its method of installation
  • Proven value for money passenger lift solutions for low, medium and high rise buildings
  • Gearless and Geared Motor Room-Less (MRL) traction passenger lift options
  • Hydraulic passenger lift options for lower rises and lower costs
  • Maximum flexibility for passenger lift shaft design
  • Energy efficient passenger lift solution using variable frequency (VF) control
  • Excellent ride quality due to precision speed control and noise reduction
  • Lowest energy consumption glass lifts from our unique Ecocell range

Whatever your needs either as an existing building owner, developer or architect we can assist you in choosing the Scenic Passenger Lift to meet both your requirements and your budget.

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