The Minilift range delivers quiet operation, comfort and safety with a refined and highly interchangeable design, ideal solution for private homes and public facilities.

These are built, constructed and installed like a Motor Room-Less (MRL) lifts and is fully compliant to the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. You can choose to have either traction or hydraulically driven platform lift.

The Minilift utilise an enclosed cabin and are built to ensure we can provide our customers with a quality product that meets their requirements for situations where space is limited or just to be used by people with disabilities.

Benefits of our Minilift products

  • The features of a passenger lift but only dedicated to use by people with disabilities
  • The safest platform lift option with enclosed cabin
  • Available in traction and hydraulic options
  • Proven track record of reliability in schools, residential and leisure sectors
  • Low energy solution
  • Low installation times
  • Flexible application in pre-built shafts or self contained structures

Minilift – Hydraulic

Our Minilift hydraulic model is a hydraulic platform lift which runs off a single phase supply. The hydraulic system uses motor power of 5.5kW only during upward movement. Noise level reduction is achievable by suitable position of tank unit.
All electrical and hydraulic equipment is kept within an enclosed cabinet located in an area that best suits your building.

Minilift – Traction

Our Minilift traction model is an electric traction platform lift which runs off a single phase supply. The balanced electric traction system is able to achieve a considerable reduction in energy consumption using a motor with a power of only 0.55kW which is less than half of that of a small electrical appliance.
The electrical equipment is kept within an enclosed steel box which is positioned within the lift shaft at the top floor.

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