Does your lift need upgrading?

At Morris Vermaport we have a dedicated team of specialists providing planned lift modernisation solutions.

Our range of services includes a free initial onsite survey for consultation purposes, early risk assessment for 100% peace of mind and careful consideration of components for modernisation, to minimise expenditure. We will also advise if your lift complies with current legislative requirements.

How do you know if your lift needs Modernising?

Even with a comprehensive maintenance program, after years of usage and wear and tear, every lift will need replacing or modernising at some point in its lifetime. the questions to ask are.

  • Does your lift frequently break down?
  • Is there long waiting times for it to reach its destination?
  • Do passengers struggle with very heavy manual doors?
  • Does it stop level with the floor or cause accessibility issues?
  • Is your lift aesthetically pleasing and does it have adequate lighting?
  • Is your lift overly noisy, do the doors open smooth or with a clank?
  • Does your lift impede the disabled user from accessing your building?

The majority of common lift performance issues can be solved with modernisation. Many individuals postpone the idea of modernizing their lift, despite current problems and breakdowns, due to the cost and worry of disruption. Morris Vermaport will put procedures in place to ensure that everyone can continue to use the building safely and keeping disturbance to a minimum, whilst also protecting floors, walls and walkways, reducing dust and noise.

If you require further advice please call our customer support team on 0115 973 7500 or email

Our unique mix of flexible thinking, access to the latest design technology and personal service ensures enhanced lift performance every time.

Why should I modernise my lift?

Improve eco-efficiency by reducing energy consumption by as much as 60 -70% by advances in Hoist technology and led lighting.

Increase safety by ensuring your lift complies with the latest safety regulations and is fully code compliant from day one.

Decrease the chance of breakdowns along with prolonging equipment lifetime and minimise unexpected cost.

Increased accessibility for disabled users with modern door design.

Give a smoother, quicker and quieter ride with reduced floor to floor waiting times.

Keep your lift looking aesthetically pleasing, fresh and modern. Give an attractive first impression for people visiting your building.

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