Morris Vermaport

Lift Service & Maintenance

Thinking about renewing your lift servicing and maintenance contract?

Please call our customer support team on 0115 973 7500 or email

Our team are service specialists providing planned lift maintenance and supplementary testing for your portfolio of lifts

Whatever your lift servicing requirements, our professional and planned approach ensures that you can be confident with the solutions we provide

  • Our FLEXIBLE service schemes allow you to choose the service options that best fit your operational needs and budget
  • Our EXPERIENCED engineers complete intensive training programmes and achieve formal lift qualifications making them the best in the industry
  • Our phone lines are OPEN 24 hours a day for when our customers need us 
  • Our UNIQUE auto diallers are programmed to automatically report the health of the lift every 3 days and log any faults that may have occurred.  This ensures full functionality of a lift in the event of any emergency

Not being tied to any manufacturer means we can offer a full range of independent and flexible services including lift repair and supplementary testing

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